So what is this? A worldbuilding/writing project!  There’s one ongoing Epic Saga (Vitch’s Great Adventure), plus vignettes and short stories set in various parts of the world, related to the Epic Saga or not.  Pretend it’s a webcomic, only with words instead of pictures.

What happens where with the when, how? Updates are on a Tue/Thur/Sat schedule.  Tuesday is for updates to the ongoing plotline; Thursday and Saturday are for auxiliary stories, with Thursday usually being backstory and extra stuff about the characters in the plot, and Saturday being for Other Places In The World, but don’t hold me to that too strictly.  Unexpected bonus content might be posted at any time, hooray for the second Tuesday of next week!

Okay, so where can I find out more about this setting or whatever? Check out the forums.  Feel free to register, post questions, get answers.

Can I play in your sandbox, too? YES. YES YOU CAN. Go register on the forums! That’s why this is here! Make your own dudes and stuff! Maybe you’ll get a second Tuesday post!

Where do I start reading, though? Well, the first post might be good.  Here it is, kicking off Vitch’s Great Adventure.

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